Saturday, October 15, 2011

Introduction/Famous ....My kinda Poetry ))

Attention y’all, this is nothing but a brief IntroduCtion

I wan announce myself, like trader for Market JunCtion

I gat too much Money …dey call me the BIZ-NESS

Sure to keep my Honey cuming like a BEE’s-NEST

Fear me ohh. I fit use Razor blade cut caRRot

Why you talking about me, abi U be paRRot?

Before Before…all the haters wanted was my Destruction

But...Thanks to Jehovah, Now they all Come 4 Instruction

I’m difficult to comprehend, Definition of EnigmA

Those who tried beefing me..Live with the StigmA

I’m So fly…Even the Sky..gat ask God Why I hot like Fire

Before gals dey tell me Lie, form shy, now dey all say Hi

In case u didn’t know this…My swag is ContagioUS

My madness na Internal…..sumtin Like PemphigUS

#Fact Nobody can stop me …I’m a mysTeRy

I am the 1st and last of my Kind...In HisToRy

I know the way …follow me…I gat dirEctioN

I nor be like dem boiz..Wen know only ErEctioN.

Now you know the person I really am wIthIn

My Father Is God, and He sure calls me PIkIn

I always Sit and Fantasize about how life would be...When I’m fAMOUS

I’d first take a photo with Beyonce, and make sure that they FRAME-US

I’d call my Mum in joy, and My Dad, The Big MISTER

And with Love..tell my mum how much I MiSSED-HeR

Everyday champagne popping would be my SIGNATURE

On the beach with birds tweeting and Singing In-NATURE

I’d build a big House…Just to do my LaundRY

Another mansion, for bath, Living in LuxURY

I’d also have a girl, much prettier than a PORN-STAR

With a body guard, so big and bad like a MONSTER

I nor go forget my guyz ohh..Even My-Boy-Mega

We’d be balling and chilling with My-Toy-Sega (lol)

I’d be my own King, Very bad like that Nigguh Micheal-Jackson

I go get mouth; people must hear my voice like Kelly-Clarkson

Considering the fact that I’d already be a DoctOR

The gangster in me would live on like 2pac-shakUR

My jamz would be all that’s on the radio..I Trust the D.J

I’d be beta dan (B)beyonce and (J)jay combined, even B.J

The Time is really close; I can feel it in the Air

No need for fear..coz All I gat, I’d be sure 2 share

P.s...If you don't get any Line Here, Ask Me!