Monday, April 2, 2012

I Believe

Once Again, I'm gonna share some of my thoughts with you, The weather is really cold, Talk about Inspiration ))

I Believe In Love, You know that Fairy tale Kind? the One where both parties Live together Happily Ever After. That Love In the Movies, When I bend to Pick a girls Book, and that Split Second between Squatting and standing, Our eyes Meet and we Linger Looking Into each other's eyes Smiling sheepishly.

I believe In Love at first Sight, that textbook story which features me in a room filled with dignified people, and Out of the blues she appears, our gazes meet each other, and It's almost Impossible to Fix It elsewhere, No matter How hard we both Try

I'm a hopeless romantic, wouldn't you agree?, Some people say It's Unrealistic to think about such Fantasies becoming realities, I don't believe them!, Why Not, I mean there is still an Innocent part of me.

I admit I might have been Unfortunate In Love in the past, Sometimes Investing Time and Energy on someone I don't really Like, just to avoid Cold Nights, all the while knowing you both need each other as Sex tools, Nothing More.

Other Times loosing special Ladies I might have considered a future with, due to stupid Mistakes, which could never Be corrected! It's not easy to hold to these fantasies Frankly, but without Hope, What is Life?

Never the less I won't stop searching, I know somewhere, Someday, Somehow, I'll find Her, and when I do, I'm going to be a bigger man and Live up to Expectations, No Deceit, No Mistakes just,just good Old Plain and Unadulterated Love..Yes I Believe!