Wednesday, August 8, 2012


   So I think I went through all five stages of Grieving, recently when I travelled back to my home country for holidays, I guess you know them already Denial, Anger, Bargaining , Depression and Acceptance..On the air just before the flight landed, the hair hostess announced to us that there are some strange gases in the air, which she assured was not “very” dangerous, but for women who were pregnant and kids, they advised to wear a mask...I was sure that yeah we were in my country..Where even the air is hazardous (lol)

   we got out from the plane and moved into the airport, all things considered except the Heat that greeted, kissed and hugged our bodies as we stepped into the main airport, I would say the airport was “Ok” and I use that term loosely, , At this point Lucy who was coming back home for the 1st time in four years, was astonished, babor.. She called “is it possible to change the return date on my flight ticket to an earlier date? Because from what I am seeing, Naija na wa”... Little did we know that the journey had just begun

  As we got to the Immigration check point, the Line that had foreigners, seemed to move faster than the ones Nigerian Citizens were in, but I didn’t complain too much, at least we were been hospitable to foreigners, even though they not always hospitable to us. The female Immigration officer, when I finally got attended to did not fail to ask for “something make we take chop, Even if na dollar sef” In her own words, I told her I didn’t have dollar on me, “Nothing? What of Naira na?”  To which I responded with no again, she grew tired and grudgingly let me through..haa at last, I sighed, Thinking that we had gone through the hardest part…Boy…was I wrong!

1.Denial---Waiting for our bags was war, we stood there for such a long time, that I began to Deny that I was actually in my country, everyone was so restless that sounds of grumbling from travelers at this point reached high heavens, “na wa oh, see as this oyibo just taya , the guy  just weak for us, Oyibo nor vex ehn Na naija we dey” someone said jokingly referring to a white man who seemed visibly speechless and shaken at the drama unfolding, Lucy again asked “haba ..Are you sure we would get our bags today so” to which Ellas another of our traveling buddies responded with words of prophesies, “Don’t worry the lord is with us, He will not leave us now, I believe  ...” I couldn’t help laughing out loud, I mean if the “Oyibo” had asked, I would almost certainly had denied my country on the spot.

2. Anger—we left the airport after we got our bags, and the darkness that greeted us was almost palpable, plus the heat, Combined with so many questions from hustlers just at the entrance into Lagos made me mad. Bros welcome oh, You need Taxi?, what of Okada?, you want  drop?, let me help you carry ur load na?, Oga find something for the boys na, who you dey wait for? You want good hotel?..I go go anywhere where u wan go... Etc, we were been bombarded from every corner, I don’t know about others but this led to Frustration and of course anger naturally followed..I was Mad for Nothing. 3. Bargaining and 4.Depression came and went--- thankfully these stages didn’t last long.

5. Acceptance---I really didn’t have a choice though, did I? I mean I got used to the constant power outage, slow internet, annoying roads, flooded streets, and those mosquitoes, which seemed to somehow have the lock to my house, when I Lived with chike my Dr friend, Even the rigors of my clinical elective course which initially shocked me didn’t seem like such a big deal anymore, moreover fussing and complaining, never actually accomplished anything in my experience. So Yes I Came to accept things for what they where.

 Nevertheless it’s the little things about my country that I appreciate the most, friends and family who never seem to be fazed by surroundings and are really quite genuinely happy with life, a joy that is contagious, the relative ease with transporting from one place to another using bike (okada), or your own car if you prefer. Those hot Nigerian songs that can move anyone even kings to the Dance floor. The countless dramas that randomly occur on the streets, Sure Nigeria has its issues, but what country doesn’t? I personally will contribute to making it the envy of nations. Indeed Nigeria is truly blessed and wonderful. Oh yes, Nigeria! I hail thee!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

I Believe

Once Again, I'm gonna share some of my thoughts with you, The weather is really cold, Talk about Inspiration ))

I Believe In Love, You know that Fairy tale Kind? the One where both parties Live together Happily Ever After. That Love In the Movies, When I bend to Pick a girls Book, and that Split Second between Squatting and standing, Our eyes Meet and we Linger Looking Into each other's eyes Smiling sheepishly.

I believe In Love at first Sight, that textbook story which features me in a room filled with dignified people, and Out of the blues she appears, our gazes meet each other, and It's almost Impossible to Fix It elsewhere, No matter How hard we both Try

I'm a hopeless romantic, wouldn't you agree?, Some people say It's Unrealistic to think about such Fantasies becoming realities, I don't believe them!, Why Not, I mean there is still an Innocent part of me.

I admit I might have been Unfortunate In Love in the past, Sometimes Investing Time and Energy on someone I don't really Like, just to avoid Cold Nights, all the while knowing you both need each other as Sex tools, Nothing More.

Other Times loosing special Ladies I might have considered a future with, due to stupid Mistakes, which could never Be corrected! It's not easy to hold to these fantasies Frankly, but without Hope, What is Life?

Never the less I won't stop searching, I know somewhere, Someday, Somehow, I'll find Her, and when I do, I'm going to be a bigger man and Live up to Expectations, No Deceit, No Mistakes just,just good Old Plain and Unadulterated Love..Yes I Believe!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

What Life Has Taught Me!

I've Lived for well Over 2 decades On this Earth, and These are some of the Things I've Learned, Every Quote Here is from Me, Please Don't steal, But If You Must, At least Quote Me )))...Enjoy Reading

1. Flavored Favor Without Labor Is what you get with my savior

2.If My Friend Fails me when I need Him/Her..We are not Friends

2.Whatever you chase will run away, It's a normal physiologic response

4.It's not the what, But The How that matter Most

5.I Know I Really Like a girl , If her company is more stimulating than Sex with Her.

6.Just Because We don't Agree on some Issues, Doesn't Make us Enemies

7.Granted, Exams and Tests are not d true tests of Knowledge, But they are the ONLY

8.When Trust Breaks, No Glue Can Remake

9.As a man, to control your future, You first have to Control Junior!

10. Everybody Lies....Everybody Dies!

11 Before U fight for a cause...Consider the Cost, Not Everything Is worth Fighting For!

12. Everything is Exactly How They Appear to be, But Our Interpretation of the Obvious is The Difference

I Will Continue Later....

Babor James

Saturday, February 4, 2012

She's Amazing

Ok Ohh, I tried my best to keep this to myself, but my fingers keep typing even though some part of my brain tells It to stop ......Stubborn Fingers!

All I want to do here is describe Someone , I know I'm writing under Influence , It may not be drugs or alcohol, but I'm definitely high on, Abeg joor It's not my fault, I blame Her for being too perfect.

Let me begin with her voice, when she talks, It's heavenly! as in it's like sweet melodious songs reverberating sweetly in the stillness of a quiet night.

Her eyes are so bright, it shines and flickers like a candle flame, Staring Into the glow Could mesmerize any One. almost like she had a direct connect with your soul.

And my oh my those Lips! One look at it could stare up desires like that Succulent agege bread, fresh from the Bakery

Her Laugh dey make my laugh dey laugh, and when she Smiles, Everything simply appears brighter and better,

She's got the body of a goddess, true beauty personified, not a switch,but she can turn any One on, Including women, She's that SEXY. Describing her body further, is most likely going to get me In Enough for now ))

Oh yeah, and her company is amazing, a personality to die for, I could stay all day with Her, and not notice that the hands of the clock even moved, as in time literally stops! Imagine that!

I'll end here, Not for Lack of words, but because I Need to get back from dreamland, the thin line between reality and fantasies these days tend to mess with my head.

If you see Her, Tell her to better come and cure my crase ohh, make this thing nor deveop into full scale madness.

Babor James