Saturday, February 4, 2012

She's Amazing

Ok Ohh, I tried my best to keep this to myself, but my fingers keep typing even though some part of my brain tells It to stop ......Stubborn Fingers!

All I want to do here is describe Someone , I know I'm writing under Influence , It may not be drugs or alcohol, but I'm definitely high on, Abeg joor It's not my fault, I blame Her for being too perfect.

Let me begin with her voice, when she talks, It's heavenly! as in it's like sweet melodious songs reverberating sweetly in the stillness of a quiet night.

Her eyes are so bright, it shines and flickers like a candle flame, Staring Into the glow Could mesmerize any One. almost like she had a direct connect with your soul.

And my oh my those Lips! One look at it could stare up desires like that Succulent agege bread, fresh from the Bakery

Her Laugh dey make my laugh dey laugh, and when she Smiles, Everything simply appears brighter and better,

She's got the body of a goddess, true beauty personified, not a switch,but she can turn any One on, Including women, She's that SEXY. Describing her body further, is most likely going to get me In Enough for now ))

Oh yeah, and her company is amazing, a personality to die for, I could stay all day with Her, and not notice that the hands of the clock even moved, as in time literally stops! Imagine that!

I'll end here, Not for Lack of words, but because I Need to get back from dreamland, the thin line between reality and fantasies these days tend to mess with my head.

If you see Her, Tell her to better come and cure my crase ohh, make this thing nor deveop into full scale madness.

Babor James