Saturday, March 3, 2012

What Life Has Taught Me!

I've Lived for well Over 2 decades On this Earth, and These are some of the Things I've Learned, Every Quote Here is from Me, Please Don't steal, But If You Must, At least Quote Me )))...Enjoy Reading

1. Flavored Favor Without Labor Is what you get with my savior

2.If My Friend Fails me when I need Him/Her..We are not Friends

2.Whatever you chase will run away, It's a normal physiologic response

4.It's not the what, But The How that matter Most

5.I Know I Really Like a girl , If her company is more stimulating than Sex with Her.

6.Just Because We don't Agree on some Issues, Doesn't Make us Enemies

7.Granted, Exams and Tests are not d true tests of Knowledge, But they are the ONLY

8.When Trust Breaks, No Glue Can Remake

9.As a man, to control your future, You first have to Control Junior!

10. Everybody Lies....Everybody Dies!

11 Before U fight for a cause...Consider the Cost, Not Everything Is worth Fighting For!

12. Everything is Exactly How They Appear to be, But Our Interpretation of the Obvious is The Difference

I Will Continue Later....

Babor James