Monday, February 22, 2010


Here's a quick question . when was the last time you sang in the shower? I'm guessing not too long ago, maybe even today,Now another one, so just because you've got a horrible voice, does that invariably imply that you should desist altogether from singing?. Here's my answer.. Yes and No! let me explain...The Yes answer, is for the next time you in the shower ALONE, and NO in the situation when you find yourself in the midst of people you know and love,so as not to destroy the bond between you and

OK seriously..Singing is Fun and I'd always wanted to engage in it.So some-time ago, I woke with a strong desire to follow this calling, I like to Think of myself as a pretty modest singer,and I believed I was set for the Spot light , That morning I spent the whole day, mostly daydreaming about my life as a 'Star'.even chose my stage name which for the record is Ajay. In my mind's eye, i was already a star, in this fantasy world of mine, i was invited to a concert with millions of fans screaming my name. Ajay! unanimously .smiling I stepped up the podium, grabbed the mic and made to sing, Shockingly.. there where no songs coming out from my mouth,oh boy! the jolt back to reality was a Lil too sudden. I realized i didn't have a song!

This made me spend the next couple of days that followed, trying to write a new song,pretty tough job i tell you.That didn't stop me though, it took some days later, in addition to a few sleepless nights.. Hurray! I did it. i wrote a song,I guess all I need now is a producer,maybe a songwriter, and some dancers, just maybe my fantasy will become a reality after all . You'll be the first to know when I've sold out my debut album...Look out world. There's a Star in The Making,And his name is Ajay........1luv

Sunday, February 21, 2010


He is a bad boy, in all sense, hardcore player, with no respect for the ladies, "coldhearted" many times he's been called, but all these ramblings of hurt girls have no effect on him, seeing them cry draw no remorse from him anymore, a real curse to the female folks, cos they just can't help loving him, They fall for him and he keeps on hurting them,he cares about no woman except for his mother, He continues to hurt them again and again in cycles just like a chorus.

But would you blame him? like most men he was born and raised to love and respect women, his mother after all is one, very kindhearted and really a nice guy. Then he met this girl, first a glance, then a smile, and then a kiss, the first of which he would never forget, they where in love, a blissful relationship, gave her his all and thought he had all of her, That was the happiest time of his life, he even saw her in his future.

Then one hot afternoon, he just got a good news, and was in a hurry to tell his girlfriend, he had become an uncle, he practically flew up the stairs to her room, what a discovery! finding her legs up & moaning under his "friend" in pure ecstasy was mind shattering. how could this be? he had never even touched her before, because he planned to wait for the night after their wedding, how could she? he fought the tears and won, He had loved her but no more. Never would he feel such pain again. Never!.

So please don't blame him when he refuses to open his heart, everyday the picture of their naked bodies hunt him, playing in his head like a horror movie. It wasn't meant to be this way, But now there's no going back, He's just not capable of loving again, So ladies the next time you see him, don't hate or blame him, show him love, and pray for him that someday soon he finds love, because after all without love we are all nothing.!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ridng The Bus

I want a car! I really do. riding the bus is just not working for me. and believe you me, I've got to wake up every morning of every weekday and ride the bus to my institute.Talk about dreaded Mornings....every kind of persons can be found on the bus, and as I have painfully just recently realized. people can be generally annoying.

Just yesterday on my way back from school, This very old and Frail looking man, joined the bus, looking at him one would never even nurse the idea, that he could hurt a fly, boy where we wrong! he kept mum..until unfortunately for us he received a call, his voice pitch started like a normal one, but increased at an alarming rate..the man was louder than the bus engine itself, drawing complaints from every body in the bus, driver included. what was worse was that he simply ignored everyone,and finished his nothing was wrong, I was unlucky to be sitting next to him ,punching him on his face seemed like a good idea, but when I made to do so,I realized that such an old man might not survive the hit

moving on..,you think that man was bad? some time ago, as I was on my way to school,on the "dreaded bus" a middle aged white woman was so fascinated by my skin color, and felt the need to start a conversation, now I don't have a problem with this, it's good to be friendly, but what is 'not' cool, is having halitosis(bad breath) and still putting your mouth very close to my face, causing major discomfort, lol. every attempt I made to politely end the conversation, failed. and I had to come down at a stop I initially didn't plan to, what a funny day.. I could go on and on. writing more stories about my experiences, but I am pressed for time

There are many more annoying characters in the bus aside those above..and I wish i could altogether avoid these rides, but I must endure as a student, so i don't have to go through this the rest of my life. That done, duty calls,see y'all next time..peace

Friday, February 19, 2010

Love and Me

The truth is really forgets their first time, boy or girl there's always that one experience which lingers on and on, maybe even follow you to your grave.but then that's the way life is.when I think back to all my experiences with love or should I say attraction . it kinda becomes confusing to pin point and recognize when exactly my fascination with the ladies begun..

maybe I should begin from that time many years ago (I was about 8yrs)...when I got my First kiss, obviously I didn't understand fully nor did I appreciate the gravity of what i was doing.OR should I begin from that period in junior high ..when i had my FIRST crush?..oh the agony,seeing a girl I liked everyday in school admiring and loving from afar, but when I got enough courage to approach her ,simply forgot what I was going to say,.. That was a first and last

Oh I now know where to was sometime in November 2006 I believe, on a clear evening .we where done with lectures at my then Cambridge Advanced Level program .Classes where ended and a few students gathered around in the lecture room .. all chatting and a few of them where enjoying a game of chess which I joined in, enjoying the company of everyone..when gradually, they all began to go home one at a time like in trickles..bit by bit, until it was left with just me and this gorgeously built empress.....

That day was a blessing. OH how can I forget the the day I met my first real girlfriend. (in case you where wondering, I won that game of I won't go into details ...these memories always remain and are among few of my many priced possessions, but every such relationships have it's very own disadvantage attached to it...some of which I will outline on my next edition of Love and Me...until then thanks for reading..peace

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Mostly as a young boy when I heard talks about addictions..I simply laughed at the concept of an habit being a part of ones existence...I thought "oh well" they are not strong enough to change..I mocked them.. because to me, Things where either yes or or white.. true or false.Change or remain the same..but oh how I was mistaken ..alas! I am addicted

The object of an addiction could range from a variety of habits...few of which include a whole lot more, outlining everything would take too long so you may complete this list on your a young man I have come to realize that anything no matter how good it seems at first, when done in excess..becomes bad..drugs as an example have pharmacological effects in times of illness but can cause major damage and dependence In excess.

Now Back to Me...yeah I hear you wondering "what's his addiction?" don't worry I'll reveal this to you in a moment..this started of as simple 'harmless' fun yesterday I remember the first time I logged in on FACEBOOK..oh the thrill of seeing my friends, of knowing what they where doing at exactly the time they where doing it, Not forgetting the juicy gossips. lol..commenting on beautiful and funny photos..and generally been connected..

Don't get me wrong I love my friends...and would love nothing more than to be in constant communication with them. Lately however...this 'networking' thingy has become quite a handful for me..I've had it! why would I wake up in the morning..and instead of saying my prayers I dive straight into my computer...not to face my books..but to even my dreams I conjure up my next status..

It may seem funny...cos even as I write this there's just one thought on my mind..."share on facebook.."abeg I dey vex" apologies to non Nigerians it means literally I'm burnt..I'm gonna make efforts but I need YOU reading this assist me by offering your prayers and advice and maybe an alternative Habit...My name is James and I am an