Friday, February 19, 2010

Love and Me

The truth is really forgets their first time, boy or girl there's always that one experience which lingers on and on, maybe even follow you to your grave.but then that's the way life is.when I think back to all my experiences with love or should I say attraction . it kinda becomes confusing to pin point and recognize when exactly my fascination with the ladies begun..

maybe I should begin from that time many years ago (I was about 8yrs)...when I got my First kiss, obviously I didn't understand fully nor did I appreciate the gravity of what i was doing.OR should I begin from that period in junior high ..when i had my FIRST crush?..oh the agony,seeing a girl I liked everyday in school admiring and loving from afar, but when I got enough courage to approach her ,simply forgot what I was going to say,.. That was a first and last

Oh I now know where to was sometime in November 2006 I believe, on a clear evening .we where done with lectures at my then Cambridge Advanced Level program .Classes where ended and a few students gathered around in the lecture room .. all chatting and a few of them where enjoying a game of chess which I joined in, enjoying the company of everyone..when gradually, they all began to go home one at a time like in trickles..bit by bit, until it was left with just me and this gorgeously built empress.....

That day was a blessing. OH how can I forget the the day I met my first real girlfriend. (in case you where wondering, I won that game of I won't go into details ...these memories always remain and are among few of my many priced possessions, but every such relationships have it's very own disadvantage attached to it...some of which I will outline on my next edition of Love and Me...until then thanks for reading..peace

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