Monday, February 22, 2010


Here's a quick question . when was the last time you sang in the shower? I'm guessing not too long ago, maybe even today,Now another one, so just because you've got a horrible voice, does that invariably imply that you should desist altogether from singing?. Here's my answer.. Yes and No! let me explain...The Yes answer, is for the next time you in the shower ALONE, and NO in the situation when you find yourself in the midst of people you know and love,so as not to destroy the bond between you and

OK seriously..Singing is Fun and I'd always wanted to engage in it.So some-time ago, I woke with a strong desire to follow this calling, I like to Think of myself as a pretty modest singer,and I believed I was set for the Spot light , That morning I spent the whole day, mostly daydreaming about my life as a 'Star'.even chose my stage name which for the record is Ajay. In my mind's eye, i was already a star, in this fantasy world of mine, i was invited to a concert with millions of fans screaming my name. Ajay! unanimously .smiling I stepped up the podium, grabbed the mic and made to sing, Shockingly.. there where no songs coming out from my mouth,oh boy! the jolt back to reality was a Lil too sudden. I realized i didn't have a song!

This made me spend the next couple of days that followed, trying to write a new song,pretty tough job i tell you.That didn't stop me though, it took some days later, in addition to a few sleepless nights.. Hurray! I did it. i wrote a song,I guess all I need now is a producer,maybe a songwriter, and some dancers, just maybe my fantasy will become a reality after all . You'll be the first to know when I've sold out my debut album...Look out world. There's a Star in The Making,And his name is Ajay........1luv


  1. Hahaha...I wish i would bring myself to stop laughing....what a dream....u beta go face ur

  2. young lady,i forgive you, don't worry i won't forget you when I'm a

  3. lol..very funny indeed..Babor James wake up!!!!!!!

  4. Tope dear,i am not sleeping oh.would u like to be one of my