Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Mostly as a young boy when I heard talks about addictions..I simply laughed at the concept of an habit being a part of ones existence...I thought "oh well" they are not strong enough to change..I mocked them.. because to me, Things where either yes or or white.. true or false.Change or remain the same..but oh how I was mistaken ..alas! I am addicted

The object of an addiction could range from a variety of habits...few of which include a whole lot more, outlining everything would take too long so you may complete this list on your a young man I have come to realize that anything no matter how good it seems at first, when done in excess..becomes bad..drugs as an example have pharmacological effects in times of illness but can cause major damage and dependence In excess.

Now Back to Me...yeah I hear you wondering "what's his addiction?" don't worry I'll reveal this to you in a moment..this started of as simple 'harmless' fun yesterday I remember the first time I logged in on FACEBOOK..oh the thrill of seeing my friends, of knowing what they where doing at exactly the time they where doing it, Not forgetting the juicy gossips. lol..commenting on beautiful and funny photos..and generally been connected..

Don't get me wrong I love my friends...and would love nothing more than to be in constant communication with them. Lately however...this 'networking' thingy has become quite a handful for me..I've had it! why would I wake up in the morning..and instead of saying my prayers I dive straight into my computer...not to face my books..but to even my dreams I conjure up my next status..

It may seem funny...cos even as I write this there's just one thought on my mind..."share on facebook.."abeg I dey vex" apologies to non Nigerians it means literally I'm burnt..I'm gonna make efforts but I need YOU reading this assist me by offering your prayers and advice and maybe an alternative Habit...My name is James and I am an