Sunday, February 21, 2010


He is a bad boy, in all sense, hardcore player, with no respect for the ladies, "coldhearted" many times he's been called, but all these ramblings of hurt girls have no effect on him, seeing them cry draw no remorse from him anymore, a real curse to the female folks, cos they just can't help loving him, They fall for him and he keeps on hurting them,he cares about no woman except for his mother, He continues to hurt them again and again in cycles just like a chorus.

But would you blame him? like most men he was born and raised to love and respect women, his mother after all is one, very kindhearted and really a nice guy. Then he met this girl, first a glance, then a smile, and then a kiss, the first of which he would never forget, they where in love, a blissful relationship, gave her his all and thought he had all of her, That was the happiest time of his life, he even saw her in his future.

Then one hot afternoon, he just got a good news, and was in a hurry to tell his girlfriend, he had become an uncle, he practically flew up the stairs to her room, what a discovery! finding her legs up & moaning under his "friend" in pure ecstasy was mind shattering. how could this be? he had never even touched her before, because he planned to wait for the night after their wedding, how could she? he fought the tears and won, He had loved her but no more. Never would he feel such pain again. Never!.

So please don't blame him when he refuses to open his heart, everyday the picture of their naked bodies hunt him, playing in his head like a horror movie. It wasn't meant to be this way, But now there's no going back, He's just not capable of loving again, So ladies the next time you see him, don't hate or blame him, show him love, and pray for him that someday soon he finds love, because after all without love we are all nothing.!


  1. Hmnnnnnnnn...nice piece but i dey suspect you o...

  2. Thanks dekky...nor worry i suspect you too...