Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ridng The Bus

I want a car! I really do. riding the bus is just not working for me. and believe you me, I've got to wake up every morning of every weekday and ride the bus to my institute.Talk about dreaded Mornings....every kind of persons can be found on the bus, and as I have painfully just recently realized. people can be generally annoying.

Just yesterday on my way back from school, This very old and Frail looking man, joined the bus, looking at him one would never even nurse the idea, that he could hurt a fly, boy where we wrong! he kept mum..until unfortunately for us he received a call, his voice pitch started like a normal one, but increased at an alarming rate..the man was louder than the bus engine itself, drawing complaints from every body in the bus, driver included. what was worse was that he simply ignored everyone,and finished his nothing was wrong, I was unlucky to be sitting next to him ,punching him on his face seemed like a good idea, but when I made to do so,I realized that such an old man might not survive the hit

moving on..,you think that man was bad? some time ago, as I was on my way to school,on the "dreaded bus" a middle aged white woman was so fascinated by my skin color, and felt the need to start a conversation, now I don't have a problem with this, it's good to be friendly, but what is 'not' cool, is having halitosis(bad breath) and still putting your mouth very close to my face, causing major discomfort, lol. every attempt I made to politely end the conversation, failed. and I had to come down at a stop I initially didn't plan to, what a funny day.. I could go on and on. writing more stories about my experiences, but I am pressed for time

There are many more annoying characters in the bus aside those above..and I wish i could altogether avoid these rides, but I must endure as a student, so i don't have to go through this the rest of my life. That done, duty calls,see y'all next time..peace

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