Monday, July 5, 2010

Racism Kills

The day which I was born, God bless that day, The Doctor saw me, and the first thing he said, Even before telling my mum congratulations was "This Boy is going to be Very dark" True story my mum told me some years later in passing, not that I needed to be reminded of my extremely dark complexion, Frankly is my color has all through my Growing up years in Nigeria been a source of playful teasing among my friends and family. I even remember one day In school when a friend of mine was advising me on life, And he mentioned that I do not get married to an overly dark lady as according to him. Darkness+ Shadow= Eclipse, Up till this day I still don't know which of the two I was suppose to

Truth be told all through those years growing up, I never considered myself different from my peers because of my skin, Maybe Intellectually or Character wise, But Never because of my color, I remember One of my bosom friends his name chidiebere whom I called Oyibo pepper ( a light skinned person in Nigeria) and he responded with giving me his very own nick name "Night" To us It was all playful teasing and the names we called each other didn't stop us from been the good friends we came to become, I loved every single minute of growing up as a Darker version of the average African ..

On traveling to Europe however Things changed . I remember sitting on the plane and wondering where all this "Yellow" people came from, I honestly don't see the reason Caucasians are called white, But that's just me, The difference In color didn't shock me much however Until I alighted from the airplane, Now that was when wahala(trouble) began, Lord have mercy I exclaimed to myself, I along with a handful of Nigerians with me at that time where the only colored skin my eyes could see. To make matters worse, they stared at us even Harder than I did at them, I just wonder what must have been going on in their Heads as they looked at us, I sincerely hope it wasn't the same or even similar to what was going on in mine.

I have come to accept myself as a black man, And honestly must say I'm proud to be African, It's however very sad when I see "small minded" people trying to capitalize on this skin difference to promote strife, It sickens me when I consider the sheer number of Silly white boys, who have tried to attack me or haul insults at me just because of the fact that I have a different skin from theirs( N.B- I always beat up those Ones who come to fight One on one to my satisfaction before leaving the scene) . I would also like to add here that Even the Africans who complain of been Molested become racist Inclined after such confrontations and thus the cycle goes on and on.

My point? you may ask, Is simply thus, Yeah I'm black and proud. But That's NOT the reason why I may be different from any other normal person , Any one No matter their color who grew Up In the same Environment and home I did is very much likely to be the same If not similar to the person I am today, Be you white, red, Alien green, Or black.
Say no To racism, It Kills. That's all i have to convey for now!


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  1. Have you ever wondered:
    Why air is a mixture of gases and not just one matter?
    Have you ever wondered:
    how the radiation from Sun consists of several rays?
    Have you ever wondered:
    How metal and wood can make up a door?
    Have you ever wondered:
    Why diversity is the bedrock of nature?
    And no National Flag consists of only one color?

    Why then:
    Green and black grapes cannot be at par?
    Why then:
    Coffee and Whiskey cannot be served in the same bar?
    Why then:
    A sunflower and the rose cannot grow in the same Jar?
    And then we make these pairing possibilities seem so afar?

    And yet!
    Some make one less and the other better.
    Even with the advantage given to the latter,
    it still turns out to be the hater.
    Leaving the former feeling very bitter
    and in both minds hatred litter
    and forgetting that the difference is not as thick as a centimeter.

    Let's come together to fight racism!