Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Life as A Student Artist

Been both a student and an Artist Is Not easy, Talk about your average Multitasking. If I was however forced to choose between Music and Medicine, hmm. My choice would Definitely have M as It's beginning letter..lol, First Things First, I started my music career In the summer of 2010, And have never regretted it since, Frankly when I told some of my friends what I planned to go Into, I saw the Mockery in their eyes Even though their mouths Offered Encouragement, Now they Applaud. Special Shout out to Sir Roieezy, The brother motivated me, And still does till date, For this I am gratefull

Okay that said, So My first gig was at an Omizsy's Event on September 11th 2010, Tagged Explosion, Truth is Ternopil is yet to recover from that Explosive Event, Artist Such as Jide the Only ceaser I know, Tc peruzzi the guy Alanta Na another type, And Noks Our very own Jay-z, Not forgetting Ternopil's own Art-man Ade the guitar Hero, The party was killed of course, And as a result all of us where placed On the Wanted List, by the music Government for murder. keep running guys they can't Catch us...

Second Event I was Invited to, was at a Ukrainian Hip-Hop concert on 05/12/2010, These guys where Hip-Hop Fanatics, And that almost cost one of the Artist there his left eye, as he called me "My Nigga" and hugged me simultaneously, I managed to keep my cool though In the end, guess we where both On Some Cognac Influence, Ajay of course once again rocked the show With His swag Intact, I have never felt so loved In my Entire Life as I did that day, Many white faces screaming Ajay brought me close to tears,It made me Almost Decide on the spot to Sing solely in Ukrainian language, But erm I think Urhobo is better..lol

I really have so many things to write, but once again, Time is very Unfriendly, I'm getting late for my obstetrics class with Every sec that passes. By the way checkout samples of My songz at http://www.reverbnation.com/baborjames, You gonna love It, And there are new Stuffs coming up very soon, Keep in touch with my fan page to get the first Squeeze. I very much appreciate the love,hate,beef,praise, gossips and all, It has made me a Stronger and more popular person, than I was last year,
Ok,I gat to study now....My Teacher awaits, Peace

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