Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wait Your Turn

First He kissed Her Lips so passionately, you would think her Lips where made of Candy, Of course she responded, kissing back with lips quavering and melting at his touch, Her body anticipating, then He put His arms slowly around her Hips, Caressing sensually as He did,In No Time His wandering Arms Found her Bosom, Instinctively squeezing slowly, she let out a moan, that sounded like nothing He had ever heard before, Now at This Time both Hearts where Racing, Wow they needed not to Hold back their passion anymore, This Night was their Night, They both Thought, as they both fell Upon the bed, at last They where Married.

As they Continued, she couldn't Help but wonder, If he was Actually a virgin as He had Claimed, she had Kept herself for Only Her Husband, and he said He did, but his hands and lips where too experienced to be that of a Newbie, but then he never said he had never kissed before, so .......Her thought train stopped as He kissed Her Neck with renewed passion, They both couldn't wait no longer, As they removed their clothes, actually tearing most of it in the process, what a night this would be, they where going to be joined as one!

Now Her clothes where gone, 'wow" he exclaimed silently to himself, First because her almost Naked body was more beautiful than he Had Imagined and Secondly, He didn't actually Know how to proceed, what's next? He Dialogued and debated within Himself, and after a moment of Confusion, decided to remove her bra, he tried to remove it like a shirt over her head,but she smiled and told Him He had to Unhook it from the back, )), Unhooking was harder than he had thought but after a "short" while of struggling, He succeeded )). and Here my story Ends, The remaining part2 is

The Moral of the story is thus...Keep Yourself, a lot of us (writer Included) have lost this opportunity, Our first Time was shared with someone who might not even remember our names if we meet again, Truth is I would give just about anything to regain my Innocence, Virginity is not as bad as people make it sound like, So if You've had the privilege of not loosing Yours, Keep it that way, and this story might just be yours...Peace!